Delivering Business Success

HertzWood, your local professional international wood business consulting company, is an employee-owned global wood deal maker. Our staff is trained to find high quality logs from wood manufacturers all over the world, specifically US and Europe, to satisfy the demands of today's hardwood market. HertzWood assists clients with multiple interactive services into the huge untapped market with a recipe to success. Our service has been tried and tested by customers all over the world, approving our successful formula. With professional background credibility, HertzWood is here to ensure that your present and future wood business are on the path to success. Let HertzWood supply you with the finest hardwood logs!

Log Yards that Ship Logs for HertzWood

North US-Pennsylvania

North US-Ohio

North US-New York

Central US-Kansas-Iowa-Missouri

Southern US-Mississippi-Alabama-Georgia-South Carolina


Order High-Quality Wood Logs and Lubers from US and Europe