Pacific Coast Red Alder is an extremely versatile Specie, thanks to its smooth grain and excellent workability. Responsibly harvested on the USA's West Coast, our Alder partners supply us with a broad palette of appearance grades, from Rustic to Clear.


Ash is a coarse grained hardwood famous for its durability and strength. Formerly used as a substitute for Red Oak and White Oak, Ash today is sought-after for its own unique beauty and versatility.


Basswood is popular amongst carvers and window shutter manufacturers worldwide. In addition to these uses, Basswood is utilized as a paint-grade alternative to other species due to the Specie's economical cost. Our Basswood is distinguished by a creamy white color with fine, indistinct grain.


American Beech (unsteamed) has very good strength properties, with pale pinkish to light-brown color tones. The grain is smooth to medium, making our American Beech an ideal choice for mid-range, highly-visible applications such as kitchen cabinets, furniture and even counter-tops.


Birch (Yellow Birch) is an economical Specie used as an alternative to more costly Canadian White Birch and Hard Maple. Characterized by its smooth, fine grain, Yellow Birch is heavy, hard and strong, lending both weight and a quality feel to cabinets, furniture and other end products.


Cherry is a smooth-grained hardwood with luxurious, rich red color that deepens with time. Cherry trees grow throughout the northern United States, but the finest region in the world for Cherry is the heart of Pennsylvania, near our North American office . 


Hickory is an exceptionally strong, dense and durable Specie of hardwood, found growing throughout the United States. Hickory features white sapwood and contrasting pink to brown heartwood, often giving it a 'calico' appearance prized by woodworkers and designers. 



Maple is twice as hard as Poplar, putting it at the same hardness level as Cherry. Maple is valued for its bright white sapwood and reddish-brown heartwood, and readily receives stains or clear-coat to enhance its natural beauty. 


Red Oak is coarse-grained Specie and a preferred choice among interior designers to convey a sense of strength, quality and craftsmanship. Our Pennsylvania-origin Red Oak features uniform heartwood color, tight growth rings, and very little of the mineral or discoloration more common to central- or southern-Appalachian Red Oak.


White Oak holds a proud tradition in European design. From centuries-old castles to modern skyscrapers, Pennsylvania-origin White Oak is one of the most sought-after hardwoods, especially in overseas markets. Thanks to its uniform heartwood color and fine grain.


Walnut is the premier choice of woodworkers around the world, thanks to its exceptional dark lustre and rich, smooth grain. A spectacular Specie in every respect, Walnut truly sets the standard for high-end design.


Poplar is a fine-grained, highly-versatile Specie with excellent working properties, and is easily stained to resemble other hardwoods. Our Northern-Appalachian Poplar features wide widths and long lengths, making it an ideal choice for millwork and interior joinery.


Southern Yellow Pine (often abbreviated SYP) doesn't refer to any one species of tree, but rather a group of species which are classified as yellow pine (as opposed to white pine), and are native to the Southern United States. They grow very well in the acidic red clay soil found in most of the region. The varieties include Loblolly, Longleaf, Shortleaf, and Slash pines.

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