Experienced & Professional

Once you reach agreement with HertzWood on the logs/lumbers that you want to purchase, HertzWood will help you arrange the rest, sorting out the logs/lumbers you picked, fumigation if necessary, load and ship your order directly by the log manufacturers from the log yards. All the documents you need for customs clearance, e.g. Packging List, Invoice, Certificat of Origin, Bill of Landing, etc. will be mailed to you from the log exporters. All you need to do is sleep tight and wait for your order showing up at the destination port you specified.


Minimize Your Effort

HertzWood also provides custom clearance consulting service with NO charge. HertzWood will provide you a quote for it from collaborated import agent company. You can compare it with others and pick the one you like. The professional team of your picked import agency will then help you set up everything and take care of the customs clearance, getting everything ready for you to pick up. HertzWood won't charge you anything for this service but you need to pay fees to the importer company.


Trade Confidently

If you like the price we provide to you, HertzWood will provide you with a photo gallary of the logs from different perspectives. From the photos you can have a image of the log and/or lumber quality which gives you confidence to the logs/lumber and help you make your decisions. 


Start Business with HertzWood

Like our price and photos? Start a business with us. HertzWood will log in your purchasing information and proivde Proforma to you. A deposit payment against the Proforma will lock your price and order, no matter how the market is fluctuating. Then HertzWood will start preparing your orders. 


Make Them Meet Your Expectation

We live in 21st century and you don't have to physically be there to see something. Let HertzWood go to the log yards and/or saw mill for you and you can have a video chat with us when our professional staff is on site. Through the video chat, you pick your logs/lumbers by yourself and tell us which ones you would like to purchase.


Tell Us What You Want

Send us your requirements of the logs and lumbers, e.g. species, grade, diameter, length, application, etc. through our website or email. Close relationship with log manufacturers in North America and Europe, and easy access to the rich timber resources of our surrounding region enable us to meet competitive demand for varieties of high-quality logs and lumbers at competitatively low price.

Order High-Quality Wood Logs and Lubers from US and Europe